Wardrobe Management

Shaldon will do a full consultation evaluating your current wardrobe, assessing your needs in accordance with your profession, lifestyle and stature. In addition he will identify your style that you find comfort in and determine what should be retained within your existing wardrobe.

The aim is to enhance what works best for you in terms of your posture and physique, leaving you feeling confident and most of all, comfortable.

Recommendations will be made for items which are lacking within your wardrobe, with the approach of getting good quality garments that are aesthetically pleasing, wearable and comfortable. These items should also complement your existing wardrobe and integrate with what you already have.

Guidance will be given as to how to create different ensembles so you can maximise the items within your wardrobe. You will also be shown how to create structure in your wardrobe, making items easy to find and eliminating clutter. Your old favourites can in certain instances be recycled, aligning it with current trends – basically giving it a new lease of life. Please see the section below on Wardrobe Recycling.

Quality over quantity is key in achieving a great wardrobe. Never compromise on comfort, choose garments that are made of good fabrication, and fit your physique well. ...